Awarded “Best of the Best” Place of Worship for 2018 by The Burton View!

We are an Interfaith organization. We honor the truth in all religions. We accept people of all faiths and invite every one to join us in our spiritual journeys. It doesn't matter by what name you call your God or Goddess; it's what's in your heart that counts. You are all important to us. Your own individual path to spiritual growth is always accepted in this church without judgment as long as you harm no one.

We believe in the Divinity of each person and the sacredness of nature. We believe in the power of prayer in all forms. We believe that Spirit is active in our lives and that we can receive wisdom and guidance directly from Source or from other entities such as Angels and spirit guides.

We have been recognized by the State of Michigan as a church for over 90 years.


Our Mission:

It shall be the purpose of this church to ensure that the highest standards of spirituality are met by setting effective examples through its many representatives. It is also the mission of the church to provide a place where all may share and help each other with personal spiritual growth, working for the betterment of the individual,the community and the world.

First Metaphysical Church is a free thought Interfaith Community where there are no strangers.

We honor the spiritual path of each of our individual members.  


Our History:

Originally incorporated as the Church of Spiritual Light under the leadership of Reverend Ernest Evans in 1920, we are the second oldest spiritualist church in Michigan. In 1947 we moved from our original location on Detroit Street in Flint to Davison and into the home of Nelson and Reverend Bertha Knapp. Nelson donated land next to his home on Atherton Road for the church, which was completed in April of 1956.

In 1964 the Church changed its name from the Church of Spiritual Light to the Wayside Church of the New Age. Nelson financed the addition we now call Harmony Hall. In 1974 the church again changed names to the Wayside Spiritualist Church; finally, in 1985 the the name was changed to the present name of First Metaphysical Church.

In 1998 the church was restructured and rededicated. Since then we have made many updates and improvements.


Living is Learning to Love.

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