Our ministers are available for counseling, weddings, handfastings, funerals, and all your spiritual needs.


Head Minister, Rev. Connie Lundy


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Rev. Nicky Highlen

An Ordained Minister since 2010; Nicky is also a Certified Hypnotherapist (including Past Life Regression) since 2007; a Reiki Master Teacher since 2003, she also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, is a Spiritual Life Coach and a Gifted Intuitive.  She has studied the field of Spirituality, Personal Growth and Self-development for over 30 years. She teaches workshops on Intuitive Development, Journaling, Reiki and does group Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Stress relief and Smoking cessation. Rev. Nicky officiates at Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies and believes that all those who love each other have the right to join together in a Sacred Ceremony. 


Rev. Jeannie Genaw


Rev. Rhonda Sebert

Ordained since 2001 and married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years. I believe EVERYONE should be allowed to have someone “to have and to hold”! I am available for Handfastings, Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, House Blessings, hypnotherapy (ChT), many modes of energy work(RmT), card readings and intuitive work.                   


Rev. Bob Wahl

Pastoral Care; Weddings, Birth, Hospice, Chaplaincy, End of Life Journey. Spiritual and Relationship Counseling. Reiki Master. Hypnotherapist. 12 Step Counseling (confidential 5th Step). Meditation Training. Past Life Regression. Frequency Vibrational Shiatsu. Angel Crystal Transformational Entrainment. Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Balancing. Quantum-Holographic Creativity. Love-Casting Meditation.


Rev. Barb Nada

Rev. Barb is from Roseville, MI, and was raised in a spiritualist church.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys camping and working with animals, including horses and donkeys. Other hobbies include sewing, baking, and preparing for the holidays.  Rev. Barb is available for weddings and funerals. Congratulations, Barb, on your new field of service!