Check out our scheduled classes and events for August!

Lugh Cornucopia.jpg

Lughnasadh Ritual, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2:30 pm

Join us to celebrate Mother Nature’s bounty and the First Harvest. Please bring a dish to share for after ritual.

Cost: Love donation

Crystal Healing Grid.jpg

Crystal Grid Healing, Wednesday, Aug 7,

at 7 pm

Working and kids stressing you out? Feeling disconnected from Mother Earth and your Peace of Mind? A crystal grid layout is for you. Bring a blanket and comfortable clothes as your guide takes you through a journey of the Crystal Grid, which not only allows you body’s natural energies to align and flow through the chakras, but will almost certainly realign you with the cosmos. Cost $25
*Bring a blanket, crystals will be provided.*

Trippy Hippie small.jpg

Hippie Fest, Saturday, August 10, 11 am - 6 pm

Join us for our 3rd annual Hippie Fest! Artisans, musicians, food vendors, healers, and seers, all willing and able to help you have a groovy day! Come out and have a fun day and help us commemorate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary!

Door donation is $6, children 7 - 16 $3.


Balancing Our Merkaba Energy, Sunday, Aug 25, at

2 pm

A two hour workshop where we will learn to spin your inner heart energy to bring balance to your love, light and power & rediscover your Magical Personality opening the portal to Infinite Unity Consciousness. Everyone attending will receive a free Merkaba crystal pendant.

There is no charge, but a $5free will donation is suggested, all of which will go to support the church.


Potluck and Drumming Circle

- Sunday, Aug 25, at 4 pm

Join us for a potluck dinner at 4 pm followed by a drumming circle at 5 pm. Bring dish to share, your drums and/or rattles, and let’s have some fun!

table tipping.png

Table Tipping,

Monday, Aug 26, at 7 pm.

Table tipping was a popular form of divination during the Victorian era and the Spiritualist movement. Our ancestors speak to us by tipping the table in response to our questions. Come and be amazed at this entertaining form of spirit communication.

A minimum donation of $5 is requested.